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FIFA 18: We played here, here are our first impressions

While it was revealed to the EA Play with blows of trailers well felt, one had not yet evoked what really had in the womb the next FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Hack. It is now done in the article that follows, where your good old servant, invited with confreres of the press but also seasoned sportsmen to a Parisian premiere, reveals to you his first impressions hand in hand.

A jacket with Cristiano Ronaldo , the superstar of Real Madrid, the current best player in the world, competing for a five-time Golden Ball - the second in a row - then another for the Icon Edition (or Legend Edition) With Ronaldo, the other - the TRUE as the football purists would say - the one that has delighted us in the colors of Barça, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. Inevitably, with such communication, EA Sports was sure to be the buzz around the next edition of his favorite football game, FIFA 18 Cheats. It was also necessary that buzz, too daunting as it is, is confirmed joystick in hand. Because it is finally there and well there that will judge the new baby of EA Sports. So ? So ? So ? Calm down,

We will still remember that we were not in Hollywood (sniff) and therefore not in EA Play to experience this new FIFA. No, it was during a dedicated day in a big hotel in the capital that we had the opportunity to get our hands on this new FIFA. The time for the producer to present us the main novelties and hop, it was time to strike. And if it is not the handful of matches that we have done that can serve as a definitive opinion - let alone when we talk about a game far from being finalized - we had at least something to make a Little idea of the beast.

Slower. So much more laid

So, after settling in front of one of the screens at our disposal, it was time to launch our first game. First observation: no changes in the navigation of the tactical menus nor the notes of the players. Nothing more logical: the news will be communicated only at the exit of the game. It is on the ground, virtual that we felt the change between this FIFA 18 and the previous edition. And we felt it as fast as a handle in hand, the pace of play was slow. Very slow.

A statement that is finally made every year at the same time or almost - before the game, as if by magic, undergo a cure of acceleration - but strongly accentuated this time by a much more decomposed player gesture. If the new animations did not all jump to our eyes, the rendering on the screen was in any case successful ... and felt. A change of support is no longer done with the same speed as on the last version. Some dribbling, a bit too cheated - like the Stop and Go or the small dribbling accurately - have also proved much less effectiveWill this be constant in the game or will it just be a habit and a rhythm to be taken? Too early to know the answer. It will be necessary to play matches before To be certain. But the promise on paper of a game a little different in its approach is not at all unpleasant.

A nice physical to see guards to review

Especially since this is not the only change. The developers have "teased" to death the arrival of new specific animations for the best players, a "claw" in their way of running, to change direction and also movements adapted to their physique, especially in duels, avoiding by For example the too frail Messi to shatter in the slightest contact with a defender a little too strong. It was this last point that caught our attention, with, to our great pleasure, the real sensation of being able to dispute a duel to the snatch for the conquest of the ball, without seeing the referee systematically leave the box. 

Another point was to be noted during this session of play, a negative point that should not, it is certain, remain too long. These are the guards. Often reputed good, the latter was frankly picked up in our different parts and this, regardless of the guard beside. The smallest shot framed fly, with a plunge often in a big shift with the strike. A sensation at least disturbing, attenuated by a defense that seemed more vigilant, more rigorous and more disciplined than in FIFA 17. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to be able to count on his guard in case of big cracking on the ground. 

More lively, more festive ... but still very mysterious

And the rest? It will be necessary to wait until the Gamescom, next media meeting for FIFA 18 to know more. At this point in our parts, hard to write more. We would obviously not complete if we did not talk about the graphics of this new FIFA, almost identical to his little brother. Almost identical yes because the motor used is always Frostbite. But not quite identical since one feels - and one feels all the better in the physical ball and the physics of players - that the engine, a year later, is now much better controlled by the teams of 'EA Sports. In short, this FIFA 18 will not necessarily be more beautiful, but will have more mouth, with a big work on the lights in the stadiums,

In short, this FIFA 18 promises us more life and it is not to displease us. Its slowness and new playability are all promises that all - fortunately - has not been revealed to us. We think of the personality of the teams, which should reproduce identically (with proper placement of players and appropriate races) their style of play in the real world, such as the famous Tiki-Taka of Barça.

We also think about the quick changes during the game, which seemed to be more of a gadget than anything else. Finally, the content obviously. If we do not know more about the FIFA Ultimate Team mode - which should be even more eSport-driven we were promised - we know that Alex Hunter will resume service in Adventure mode. We also know that our good old fellow will be fully customizable, will meet new faces of world football like Cristiano Ronaldo (bad times!) And that he will be led around the world ... without specifying how (in d ' Other championships?) And why (joining the national team). Another area of shadow to unveil ... for a pleasant surprise on arrival? We will know more in the coming weeks.
The few matches played with FIFA 18 still do not allow us to give a final opinion on the EA Sports title, as the settings were still perfectible, but wager that the final version should Once again, to get us its share of interesting novelties ... But there are still a lot of shadows that just need to be lit!

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