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You will have the capacity to present the application frame now without checking the email address and portable number. Additionally make the installment before due date. Be that as it may, you have to confirm the email and portable number later by login to GOAPS" 

In this way the competitors can present their GATE 2018 application even without a legitimate email and versatile number confirmation now; and refresh the same and check them later on GOAPS. 

According to the announcement the competitors must make the GATE 2018 expense prior to due date. 

Read more to know Important Dates and 5 Tips to Nail GATE 2018. 

Another announcement on the notice discharged read, "The examination procedure will proceed even after the application gateway is shut," which implies that hopefuls whose application status will appear as 'under investigation' require not stress as the investigation procedure will go on even after the application procedure is shut this evening. 

Hopefuls can read the total notice here: 

Entryway 2018 is planned for February 2018 and the aftereffects of the same are normal in March 2018. 

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